The first visit to the Law Offices of Doug Friesen and Associates generally results in a comment about the various wolf art items displayed throughout. This is more than a decoration; it is directly related to the firm’s theory on life and how this theory is reflected in our practice of law.

We see the wolf as one of the true and free spirits roaming on this earth. The haunting echoes of their howls remind us of ceremony and living a free life full of values, truth and integrity. There is much we can learn from these magnificent beings. The overriding theme in the wolf pack is family values. Instinctively, the pack protects members against threats from outside to survive.

At the Law Offices of Doug Friesen and Associates, P.C., we believe it is necessary to care for and rely upon those we have chosen to take into our “pack”, whether it is family, friends, or clients. Basic values, the ability to trust and rely on those with whom we have chosen to associate, are the necessary tenets which allow us to survive and prosper.

Our clients must feel they can trust and rely upon us to treat them not only as clients but family, “members of the pack”. The Law Offices of Doug Friesen and Associates have been molded to provide for the legal needs of “the pack”. As such, it is this firm’s wish that we all benefit from “the pack” we have created. The idea that mere survival in this world is not enough, for it is our belief and strongest commitment that the quality of our lives should be enriched as a result of our communication and trust.





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